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Two 8" x 8" x 20" blocks, a support stand, a suitable sized skid board (to fit the straight edge of the piano), a piano trolley, and straps and blankets, a rubber hammer and usual tools sockets and screw drivers.

The piano will be turned over and lowered onto its straight side for transport. This will require a skid which will be supported on the 2 blocks to avoid the need to lower it all the way to the floor and to allow the piano truck to be placed between the blocks. Sometimes a shoe is used. This is similar to a skid except that a 'shoe' is strapped to the side of the piano before the piano is lowered onto the blocks.

Grand Piano Moving Procedure

1) Remove the lid, since it overlaps the straight side and damage can occur to the finish and particularly the hinge.

Two men hold the lid while one accesses the screws from the opposite side.

2) Remove the lyre: this may come straight off with the piano legs on, or it may be necessary to raise and support the left corner enough to remove the lyre, particularly for Pianolas.

3) Record the different positions of various length screws, and rods.

4) Place the skid board on the blocks, with the trolley between the blocks. If the board is not padded, use clean pads or blankets. The skid will receive the polished flat surface of the piano... So look for damaging grit!

5) Remove the left leg if not already done, and start to tip the piano over onto the supported skid. The key board should be 2 inches from the end of the board, and because the pianos Iron frame can unbalance the skid on the wheels, the piano should be placed, lid side overlapping so the weight of the frame is more central to the skid whilst upright.

You will find that the board has to be placed at an angle to the piano so that when it's tipped all the way it will be squarely on the board. It requires much less effort to tip the unit because gravity isn't working against you quite as hard as it does when the piano has to be let down to the floor.

Imagine picking up a motorbike laying on the ground... the first few degrees are very difficult indeed, possibly requiring 2 men, but after 30 degrees or so it gets easier and easier. Similarly, Upright pianos can often be upended and held at 45 degrees by one man because the piece is balanced at that angle.

6) Blanket the piano and strap it to the skid board. Make absolutely certain that the straps DO NOT contact the stack or any of the other parts of the player mechanism.

7) With the piano wheels in the correct position under the skid board which is still sat on the blocks, lift the back end of the skid board and remove the rear block. Then lift the front end and remove the front block.

8) Ensure that you Keep your shoulder tight to the grand piano when moving to ensure that balance is maintained at all times.

By Student Movers Forum
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