How I Box Everything

Many people struggle with the pressures and stresses of moving home and besides organising the best removal company you can find and organising your belongings into piles ready to move, there is the still the hassle of packing it all in time for the big day.

The aspect movers have most difficulty with however is boxing the items. When all the little and medium boxes have been used, many people will find they end up chucking the items that are too big into the back of a van or simply finding other ways to transport them. However it will be surprising to know that just because your items are too big for a box does not mean they cannot be packaged safely.
Specialist boxes arrive in many shapes and sizes and are widely available from most removal product companies for an inexpensive price. This means that not only will your items be protected but the boxes will fit the product perfectly for them to have a safe journey all the way to your new home.

From chairs and lampshades, to mirrors and golf clubs, there is every kind of box for your household belongings, it’s simply a matter of organisation and getting prepared early to find the right kind of boxes for you. There are even boxes available for much larger items such as bikes and office chairs meaning that none of your items, even for business purposes, will go unprotected.

The best place to find the right kind of boxes is online! It’s also a good idea to search for reviews on the quality for the boxes and delivery details to ensure everything is received in time for the move. After receiving all your boxes on time, you are then ready to head out to purchase bubble wrap, tissue paper, foam, polystyrene shapes and a set of markers to ensure maximum protection and identification for your boxes when they arrive at your new home.accept these minor annoyances gracefully.

For extra large items that are particularly impossible to box, there’s always the option of upholstery covers. There are plenty of items to suit your furniture needs such as mattress sacks or padded paper covers to ensure a safe journey. However if you decide against the odd bits for transporting your goods safely make sure your cheaper alternative is safe and reliable as products such as these are designed for safe transportation and your homemade alternatives are most probably not.

:: How can I possibly box everything for my Move?
By Suzie Smith, The author knows a lot about removal boxes, bubble wrap and boxes for moving.